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Innovation and creativity is our central focus. We are a recently created, young and dynamic company, with wide experience and a vocation to serve. We apply our knowledge and the best and latest technology to improve existing urban elements. Urbansolid is committed to high quality and functionality in the products it commercialises.

We have today's best designers. They are creative innovators, with wide professional experience which ensures and guarantees that our clients are always highly satisfied with the end product.

Urbansolid champions the best industrial design. We work on original designs, fully documented by our designers or by our internal technical department.

We are committed to using the best, cleanest and most efficient technology, with the greatest respect for the environment.

The overwhelming majority of the products we commercialise are produced in factories in the European Community (EC).


The materials we use;

Types of concrete;

■ Architectural concrete, selected sand and cement, natural, inorganic colourings, surface treatment with highlighters and fine surface remover.

■ Polymer concrete, a choice of colours, smooth surface finish.

The metals we use;

■ Corten steel, imitation Corten.

■ Hot or zinc galvanised steel with subsequent surface treatment.

■ Stainless steel AISI304, AISI316

Metal surface finishings;

■ Various blasting processes, surface removal, phosphatizing treatment, powder painting (smooth or rough texture).

■ Colours; grey, metallic grey, brown and black.


■ Standard; cold white, 12 volts direct current (12V DC), transformer (12V DC to 220V AC). Possibility of directly connecting to solar panels.


■ Flanders Pine; from felling and controlled reforestation, treated in an autoclave with the option of surface treatment with wood stain.

■ Tropical wood; dried naturally or using an autoclave process, from felling and controlled reforestation, with the option of surface treatment with wood stain.


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